Becoming a Spiritual Seeker can originate from one of two ways – either from outside circumstances, such as pain, failure, humiliation, or profound powerlessness or hopelessness, a brokenness that leads to surrender.  Or from within – a call, deep sense of dissatisfaction, feeling of emptiness, or desire for ‘something more’ that can’t be named or described.  Both paths spring from a sense of lack, and recognition that we don’t know the solution.

Some Souls are more stubborn then others, demanding a longer (and harder) journey to discover that nothing outside of their selves will ever be the solution.  This doesn’t mean that they lack faith, or desire for connection to something deep within (their Soul), it simply means they are striving to have both – external and internal success.  To have it all.

What these folks miss is that ultimately they are their own answer; they are their own solution; they are the source of their own fulfillment.  Just not in the way they think or imagined.  If their definition of success is externally motivated, eventually they will sense the emptiness and futility, the pale imitation to that nameless something that they know is ‘out there’, just out of reach.  And that is their mistake – it’s not ‘out there’ it’s ‘in here’.

It would be simplistic to think this means they have to go ‘find themselves’.  Such a conclusion is rooted in the old soil, just switching goals – becoming a ‘seeker’ maintains the belief that the answer lies outside of themselves.  Yet there is a benefit in changing one’s focus, the awareness of an unmet need is an innate knowledge that the direction they are moving won’t get them there!

But where is the ‘there’ they are seeking?   Much like “who’s on first”, the answer lies within.