What Happened to Gabrielle Adele?

And Who is Gizelle Luccio?

It would be easy to say:  “Oh, I changed my name!”  But there is so much more to the journey. 

Simply put my birth name served me well for most of my life, yet I felt there was something missing – some bell or tone unrung.  I felt constricted and weighed down without knowing why.

About 10 years ago I began to explore  Numerology and the Kabalerians, knowing that ‘names’ have power — yet despite my hours of searching, nothing felt ‘right’ or rang true.  ….   What was wanting to be born, I wondered?

Lately, in the midst of our planetary change, I felt myself expanding energetically ….  once more I sensed a shifting within as though I didn’t fit in my own skin.   Fortunately (and serendipitously), I crossed paths with someone who had studied Vedic Astrology and Numerology.

I discovered how one’s name can indeed energetically constrict or be at odds with what our Soul is here to experience.  Unsurprisingly, my name and my true resonance were out of sync!

The idea of naming my Self felt strange; who was I to want to ‘name’ myself, was I being disloyal to my family, did I not ‘like’ being “Woman of God” (the meaning of my birth name)?    What was offered to me struck a deep chord:  “Naming yourself is a gift you can give yourself, therefore proclaiming your sovereignty. … Your old name is like a basket you were given at birth, collecting all of your experiences and perceptions that others hold about you.”

So for me, setting aside that basket, honoring all of what came to shape me, but choosing to “Let Go” of those identities that no longer serve me was liberating and empowering.  After reviewing hundreds of names – and becoming overwhelmed – I went to cook dinner.  A voice whispered:  “Gizelle isn’t such a leap!”  Going back to my list I discovered that it was there!  Thus Gizelle Luccio – “to be pledged” or” a pledge for” and “Light”– was born.

Honoring my inner knowing, trusting the voice within, has expanded my awareness and integration of ‘gifts and talents’ – thus everyone benefits!

But some things don’t change:  As always I remain “Pledged to the Light”.

As always, I remain “A Pledge for and to the Light”.

Intuitive Life Readings

Vision Quest on the inner plane; reading the landscape of your Soul, receive the highest ‘here & now’ guidance.

Past Life Readings

Souls Journey over multiple dimensions & lifetimes, thru Akashic Soul Connection identify your ‘then’ and ‘now’ intersection.


Decipher your personal visions or ‘downloads’ from your Guides/Soul Group, offering individualized dream. interpretation

Spiritual Counseling

For those desiring an on-going deeper dive, identify blocks & develop tools for personal healing and empowerment.

Animal Mediumship

Connect with furry-Soul companions who have crossed-over, come open to hear from their heart to yours. 

Being a spiritual/psychic/medium/animal communicator and practicing since I was 16 years old, I have had a lot of “readings” over the years. Most have been mediocre or just plain unenlightening.  Few have been good and useful.

However my brief experience with Gabrielle was very different. With little more than my name to begin with, Gabrielle’s “reading” was clearer, more accurate and helpful than any other I have experienced. The message was precise, detailed and meaningful.

I am more filled with an understanding of myself and my soul journey than ever before.


The Basque Shepherdess.

Gabrielle is a gift. I have deep respect and appreciation for the service she provides. I go into a reading fairly open- keeping in mind that all she knows about me is my name and email.

What unfolds during a session is incredible. Gabrielle’s counsel on current themes in my life and ability to hit on images I’ve seen in dreams (too personal- it’s scary) amaze me- a validation she’s speaking to my guides.

And the magic continues on after the reading as she gifts you an audio recording of the session. The recording of the reading will prove to be timeless (another validation that I’m connecting with my guides).

I can always re-listen to an OLD recording and get a NEW message or insight. everytime.  And because of this, I am moved and touched by how much I have changed because I know that the message changes as my soul evolves.

Thank you again Gabrielle, for being the clear and compassionate channel that you are.”

I would like to thank you again for my reading. Your reading is the first reading that visually discribed where I am and gave me tools to acheive a happier life.

It felt good to not be floating in this cloudy abyss of the unknown feeling alone any longer, as my animal spirits made me feel comfort.”

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