There is one thing that all of humanity has in common, one fact that transcends all cultures, races, religions, and socio-economic status:  a Fear of the Unknown.  And we collectively cope with this fear by creating a unified field of consciousness, something that we can rely upon to provide familiarity and security.   Some of these unified fields are contained in religious beliefs, described in myths, or created through traditions rooted in our culture.

Study of all of humanity’s collective creation stories reveals many common elements that serve to assess or define our place in relation to the Great Mystery – the Unknown.   Thus we seek to share an agreed-upon reality to help reduce our fear by providing the illusion that we are better prepared for whatever it is that might come our way.   History is filled with stories, legends, and tales of humanity’s struggle to manage our fear by fearlessly fighting to protect those structures which define and uphold our reality.

We could say that on one hand this unified field is a Story that we co-create and share, but the unified field could also be a source of comfort in the face of the Unknown. This comfort doesn’t have to come from a sense of agreement, or from companions who share our interpretation about what is or isn’t true (real, right, etc.), rather we can focus on our shared unified field of love, kindness, support, and unity – the universal realization that we are all in this together.

If we were to open ourselves up to this Truth, and commit to offering these gifts to one another, then whatever is unknown becomes shared.  We become free to live from a community of strength, when one of us is at low ebb in our spiritual fitness, then another lifts us up – we recognize a new sense of security:  we are never alone.