Remember that “Ruach” means Breath of Life/Spirit — and that Ruach surrounds your very Being, the gentle caress of the air against your skin, the breath moving in and out of your nostrils as you sit in meditation. Fall into the pool of sorrow and sink to the bottom, for there is a bottom and then float, do not struggle, there is form and substance, even there.

When I first saw the sculpture by Auguste Rodin called “The Hand of God” at a museum, I was mesmerized by it for hours. Walking around and around the form, I alternated between feeling awe for the vision to ‘see’ the form within the rock, and the sensation of being held with such care and love by God.  I could feel it and experience it in the core of my being.

Working Title/Artist: The Hand of GodDepartment: ESDACulture/Period/Location: HB/TOA Date Code: Working Date: modeled ca. 1896, this marble executed ca. 1907
Digital Photo File Name: DP346427.tif
Online Publications Edited By Steven Paneccasio for TOAH 07/07/15

You are in the Hand now. No matter what you may ‘think’ or ‘believe’ — this is where Trust is built.  Faith takes the leap; Trust is based on experience — on knowing that you will be carried because you have been.

Rest on Trust.  This moment becomes one more opportunity for you to deepen your felt-experience of God in your life.  Nothing anyone can say will make it happen or take it away — this is yours and God’s moment, together.

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