We turn a tremendous amount of power over to our mind, seldom questioning the force behind our logic, our doubts, our proof from an endless supply of evidence based on past, present, unpredictable future. We rarely see these mental constructs for what they are, internal and self-created.  Instead, we believe them to be as real as the play upon the stage.  And, if by chance something does not unfold the way that we assume or predict, we chalk it up to circumstance, or pretend we never thought otherwise — unwilling to let go of our certainty that our mind is our ally, we count on it to save us.

Until the cracks begin to appear, the snow globe begins to break apart, and the secure bubble of our universe begins to leak.  It never occurs to us, until the cracking begins, that my universe is different than your universe, is different than her universe, is different from his, or even that there are a multitude of universes.   I remember the moment I realized that the person sitting next to me had a WHOLE universe of thoughts and feelings going on, over there, at the other end of the couch!  It amazed me!

Gradually, over time, one experience at a time, I became aware of how to step outside of my mental constructs.  I began to see how much power I had given to my mind, how I’d use my god-given powers of creation to create my reality.  Healing came by laying down new pathways within my BEING – learning to listen to other aspects of my Self, not simply my thoughts and fears.