When you perform work from the center of JOY (which has a high resonance), the effort that you put out will lift people up.  If you do meaningful work, but it isn’t from a place of JOY it isn’t as transformative.  So by doing JOY, by being in JOY, you are not only raising the quality of your own life, you are also raising the quality of life of the people you serve.

One person resonating at a higher frequency can positive influence 20 – 200 souls – so this isn’t selfish, this isn’t about sacrificing yourself for the good of the whole.  It is a clear demonstration that moving with the Flow of the Universe, following the Truth of your Being not only enables you to improve the quality of your life, but in turn enables you to improve the quality of other people’s lives – and they in turn will raise those in their circle, and so on, and so on, etc.

This is a Life Work – it may take you years to let go of old conditioning, to hone your sensitivity to the internal mandate of JOY, but it is a ‘work’ worth pursuing.  Shifting from valuing life if it is PRODUCTIVE or MEANINGFUL, to the path of doing everything from the place of what you DESIRE (i.e., only doing what you WANT) is counter to all that we are taught or told.  It turns the notion of being of service on it’s head, but will ultimately send ripples of Love and Light throughout the Universe.

Begin to practice this, even in the smallest of ways (i.e., such as only do the dishes or vacuum the floor when you WANT to, etc.), hold true to this – recognize that such a practice changes the quality of your emotional well-being.  It will move you away from low-level depression, low level trudging through life performing the rote duties of the day, into having each moment be a lift — you look forward to what inspires you, you will look FOR the feeling of anticipation, look FORWARD to what lies around the corner!

Life becomes JOY — what a rush!

(NOTE:  This isn’t merely a metaphysical truth, but is also based in hard science.  For more information, view David Hawkin’s “Map/Scale of Consciousness” which was developed in an effort to identify what states of consciousness move individuals away from pain/suffering toward bliss/enlightenment:  http://personality-development.org/theories-personality-development/david-hawkins )