How would it be to make a pact with ourselves to be absolutely honest in the moment, to say what we are feeling, no matter how we judge it or fear we may be judged? This is our stretching place — to tell the truth, even if it does change from moment to moment, or changes in the moment with the telling.

For me such truth-telling isn’t about nailing it down, but experiencing it so it can move and change as I do. I find I’m too old to ‘mess’ around with half measures, or get tangled up in the BS of trying to ‘look good’ or be ‘politically correct’.  And even if I have a reaction to what you may say, or express feelings that may be different or opposite from yours, doesn’t make either of us wrong.

The whole point is to practice saying what is real and true in the moment. Then move onto the next moment. There is no ‘right or wrong’ here, just what we feel. I hate the cliche: “feelings are not facts” – that’s a load of crap; they are facts, they are the only things that ARE real.  Just because feelings change doesn’t make them any less real or true in the moment.