Recently I had an experience with my newest kitty, Aurora, who has been in a very lovey mode – she can’t get enough of the cashmere sweater that I’ve been wearing on these cold days.  She hops into my lap and buries her nose deep in the pit of my elbow or into my side – rubbing the sweater into her nose as though she is touching her mother’s belly.  Kneading, and kneading, and kneading, and kneading, all along purring her contentment.  She never seems to tire of the experience, nor does she let go of the desire of wanting to get closer and closer, as though she can become absorbed into the sweater, into the Mother, to get back into the warm and cozy place, the security and comfort of being nurtured and cared for.

Prayer and Meditation could be like that – kneading, cozying up to, and burying one’s nose into the Spirit, seeking to go deeper and deeper, the desire to become completely merged with – for a nano-second, only to find myself separate once again.  Yet just like Aurora, I purr and bliss out on the process of being in constant contact with the Divine – knowing that each time I delve into the depths, I am touching the comfort of the Mother/Father/Divine.