The key to releasing the fear of the unknown lies in releasing the enormity of our projected belief systems.  Identifying the panorama of beliefs, some so subtle we simply call them opinions, others so massive we are sure they are TRUTH!  Dismantling or at least acknowledging them can create an opening within ourselves.

Such a crack in our façade becomes the doorway (or window) that gives rise to the possibility that we can walk into a new space within ourselves.  Think of it as a room within our Being that is shared by all. Jung called it the collective unconscious, but really it’s not ‘unconscious’ its our collective consciousness!

Much like the Akashic Records that holds a history of all our Soul’s Journey, this chamber of collective consciousness is a repository of wisdom, of love, of Spirit, and knowledge of all things — the biggest library in the world that we can access whenever we desire or find ourselves in need.

Our Collective Consciousness, Our collective wisdom is always present, able to provide guidance for any given circumstance or situation.  Meeting our need in each moment, each experience – – known or unknown – – the collective WE provides our individual selves a sense of safety and security that we couldn’t possibly offer ourselves as separate, fragile humans.