If we practice being in the moment, slowing down to check in with ourselves, to feel into the center of our being, then we create more opportunities where we are in touch with our true selves.  For as many moments as possible, be present and ask our Selves: “what am I feeling”, “what do I know to be true”, “what is real”?

Or perhaps we pray and ask Spirit to help us sense into our Being.  Eventually our clothes will melt away. We will be like the Emperor with his new clothes – – only in reverse.  Although the rest of the world may continue to see us adorned by their own perception, we will recognize the Truth of our Being, with the freedom to choose jackets, hats, scarves, dresses, pants, shirts, all at will – or at times wear nothing at all.

As we cultivate our ability to tune into the space between our heart-beats, we will feel those moments of who we are …. when we aren’t.