The beauty of living in a small town, of having space around me is there is space to hear myself think.  Normally that wouldn’t be a good thing, for my thoughts can lead me down crazy paths of worry and obsession.  But just as it is difficult for me to hear others if they are shouting seeking to be heard, my ‘still small voice’ can get lost in the shouting of a busy life.

Hearing myself think can lead me to my ‘still small voice’.  Becoming aware of what is noisy, what is clamoring for attention (such as my fears, wants, and desires) can enable me to turn down the volume.  Hearing myself think, paying attention to what is floating out on the airwaves can give me clues to what needs to be attended to within my Soul/Psyche.

Some paths miss the simplicity of adjusting the volume.  Seeking instead to turn off the radio or tune into a different radio station, or guiding the process to figure out what is causing the interference.  Unfortunately such techniques inevitably get tangled up in conditioned thinking or destructive looping.  As the cacophony increases – which voice is the ‘still small voice’ we wonder?

Listen for the dissonance, the one jangling thought that rings out like a clear chime, the one thought that doesn’t harmonize with the chorus of assumptions and beliefs.  This is the one that has the power to transform your life.