What if Love became something more than a Noun, something more than a Verb?  Many people like to expand the power of Love by saying that Love is a verb, that it is more than an emotion, that it is more than a warm and fuzzy feeling, and that you have to put Love into Action:  thus declaring “Love is a Verb”.  By insisting on this perspective, by somehow putting it into action the intention is to make it more meaningful, more profound, more potent.  Why do we need to make Love more profound or potent?  Who says that Love has to be a verb, who says it is only a noun?

What if Love were simply an experience?  What if Love was energy, much like the energy that comes from the Sun — energy that enables things to grow, that warms us in the Winter, that creates days and nights, an an ever-present source of Warmth and Power that continuously radiates down upon us. Light (and Love) that touches us in an infinite number of ways, and activates things within every single life-form, every single plant, animal and human –  yet still so much a mystery.

To restrict Love as a Noun or as a Verb is limiting.  Instead to expand the meaning of Love to be energy, a Force of Nature, a Force of Spirit, a Force of the Universe like the Sun.  This isn’t limiting – to compare Love to a huge ball of light that is always present, no matter whether the ink of blackness in the middle of night, or scorching hot in the bright of day.

Sometimes we have days where the Light last for hours or others where the Sun may shine briefly with endless dusk.  But these moments depend upon circumstances, changes based on where we stand on the planet (or where we’ve placed ourselves in our Life).  The Sun (Love) itself is always there, it is always beaming forth.  Our job, our practice is to (as much as possible) move ourselves where we need to be moved, to find and to be in a place where we can stand and receive the Sunlight of the Spirit:  Love.