Every time one of us pays attention to the Spirit of Love & Joy, we enter a new destination into our internal GPS.  Once entered, we open ourselves to a continuous flow of course corrections from Spirit.

Similar to when we key in an unknown destination into our phone, we trust that Siri won’t let us down.  We willingly follow the glowing blue dot, never questioning the accuracy of Google Maps — we are assured that we are being led the quickest way possible.  Further, if we make a mistake and turn down the wrong road, or decide to get gas or go to the store, we trigger an annoying series of verbal commands. Siri nags us to turn here, turn there, go down this road, or go back the way we came — providing an endless flow of directions until we once again happily traveling toward the glowing, blinking blue dot.

Such persistent reminders could drive you crazy, especially if your blue dot is JOY and you insist on following LOGIC or your PLAN instead.  This is especially true for spiritual seekers, attempting to blend worldly demands with Spiritual desire — nonetheless we are hard-wired to move toward what is best for all.  At our core our glowing blue dot is JOY.  So if we find ourselves off track, performing ‘meaningful’ tasks, but not JOYFUL tasks, then our Soul (our Siri) will go into action.

Our internal course corrections will get louder and louder, programmed to attend to our inner GPS.  Such signals will vary, but at a minimum we can count on chronic feelings of irritability, being plagued by distractions, we will find it increasingly difficult to wrest satisfaction by simply being a good performer.  Peppered by internal judgements, voices of doubts that tell us we aren’t committed to the cause, our ego-mind will attempt to create a story to explain ‘why’ we aren’t in the flow with the Universe.

But what if the flow we are seeking isn’t based on what we do, but how we do it?  What if the disturbance in the flow of the Universe is because we aren’t coming from a place of Joy?  What if the quickest way to quiet the clambering voices (truely Siri doesn’t have anything on our Internal Critic) is to realign with the glowing blue dot within?

Peace through JOY, and Joy Brings Love.