People often ask what they need to do to prepare for their session – simply put:

  • Bring your Self!
  • Be present to the experience;
  • Bring your curiosity and openness.

Every person who books a session is seeking guidance, answers, or direction.  The session will only be as meaningful, ‘meaning’ ‘full’, as a person’s willingness to receive what is shared.  Bring your intention to be shown anything that will support you in becoming more empowered and connected with your deepest self, your deepest knowing.

So Bring Questions!

90% of the time your questions will be addressed in the initial ‘down-load’ of information.  Formulating your questions prior to meeting, being clear about what you desire to know, is fundamental to stating your intention to your Soul Group/Guides.  Truthfully the work begins before you even meet with Gizelle; the session becomes the expression that unfolds the answers.

It is important that you come ‘prepared’ –honor yourself and the time you set aside for your growth and expansion.  If you are receiving a ‘remote’ session, it is important for you to be in a quiet place with no distractions (i.e., no pets, no children, no cell phones or TVs!).  It isn’t necessary for you to be in meditation, but the more relaxed you are, the stronger the connection and the more present you will be to receive what is being brought forth.

This means no driving while listening/talking;  give up the idea of ‘multi-tasking’, leave your efficiency expert outside the door, and sit with your Self a while.  You are worth it!

Please respect the process.  Gizelle’s purpose is to relay what she is being shown and told, to be a clear and compassionate channel, to be open to the Highest Guides of the session for your benefit.  You may not agree with what is being shared.  Remember to keep an open mind; sessions aren’t a time for debate.  Sometimes the people who care the most about you are the ones who risk telling you what you may not want to hear, but need to hear.  Your Guides are here for YOU!

Finally, given the metaphorical nature of the readings, it is possible that what is being conveyed may not make ‘sense’ (rationally) to you at the time.  Remember that readings don’t come from, nor necessarily speak to the intellectual body of consciousness.  For this reason all sessions are recorded and you are encouraged to listen (and reflect) on your session at least two or three more times to fully integrate the information.