“My experience was one of great gentleness and hope. I appreciated that the ‘story’ was woven through the signs and symbols of nature; easy to follow and very real to me, a country gal. There was a lot of movement in the day itself, as well as, in the words chosen/the way chosen by Gabrielle for sharing the message; instead of feeling chaotic, or stressed by the intensity of the energy and movement, I felt I was supported and knew I would be accompanied and moved along in a reassuring way as all continued to unfold over time.”


“My “reading” with Gabrielle was very unique, unlike any other channeling I have experienced previously, in that the information was communicated in images creating a beautiful picture that I was able to visualize. The experience went beyond linear, verbal communication to include what to me is more the Goddess, with a softness both supportive and inspirational. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

Ginny R, TalentOR

“Gabrielle is a gifted intuitive. She reawakens the sense of one’s own inner knowingness, promoting the dialogue of the still small voice.”

Johana L., TucsonAZ

“My session with Gabrielle was eye-opening in a number of ways. After our session I made a decision to spend more time paying attention to details in my life and looking at the connections between things. Her vision for me was so clear and involved imagery that I could relate to and felt comfortable with. I now am clearer about the events in my life and how they connect with one another. I can see my life from a larger perspective. I realize that my life is beautiful but there are intersections and angles within in it that I need to pay more attention to. I need more time for me. Gabrielle made me feel comfortable. I felt safe with her and gained a lot from the reading.”

Lucie S., AshlandOR

“I would like to thank you again for my reading. Your reading is the first reading that visually discribed where I am and gave me tools to acheive a happier life. It felt good to not be floating in this cloudy abyss of the unknown feeling alone any longer, as my animal spirits made me feel comfort.”

Kim HallGrants Pass, OR

“My experience was quite powerful and comforting. I requested a reading in the face of an exciting, spiritually challenging choice in my life. During the reading, I received support, clarity and assurance from the Universe through Gabrielle’s connection. I felt very grounded through the next days of my journey and her divinely guided insight assisted me through a life changing choice.”

E.B.Cottage Grove, OR

“I had the privilege of have a life reading from an intuitively gifted woman. Gabrielle has an innate wisdom for sharing her insights & visions, while drawing on the ancient wisdom which moves through her. I have drawn from the reading more often then I would have thought; each time I listen to the recording more information is revealed, and as time goes by and I find I’m ready to hear the next bit. Being able to have my reading recorded is like having several reading again and again. It has comforted me with a guidance and perspective I hold on to. I recommend a sitting with this very talented and divine wisdom holder.”

Shona S., San DiegoCA

“Gabrielle told me what I really needed to hear, and I felt it was not coming from her but from someone who knew me better than anyone on the planet. The session was an immediate, personal connection to my guardian angel, or whoever watches over me, with Gabrielle as the conduit. It was amazing. Gabrielle was then able to give me counsel and guidance for continuing to follow the spiritual path that I was essentially needing to implement in my life. Her manner was so loving, and she brought such a sense of joy to the session that it left me feeling blessed. I still feel the truth of her perceptions today.”

Anne RollsSilver Spring, MD

“I have had spiritual readings with palm-readers, past-life readers, and even with the head of the National Spiritual Science Center in Washington, D.C., but I have never before experienced the joyful, exuberant and immediate connection to my guards and guides that I received during my Soul Reading with Gabrielle. The psychics and counselors I had met before were somewhat distant in a session rather than warm and loving, as if they needed to separate themselves from the subject (me) in order to be objective. But Gabrielle blew me away because she emanated positive, loving energy as she told me what to expect in the session, and then closed her eyes and began to tell me what images and messages she was receiving from the guards and guides who seriously want to help me figure out my life.”

Anne StacyWashington, D.C.

My session began with great energy, as Gabrielle explained the pictures she was seeing using language and imagery that had already been in my head in dreams and flashes of insight. I was immediately thrilled because it validated what I knew about my inner life right away, and I could see that she was totally ‘plugged in!’ But what I wasn’t expecting was her interpretation of the messages she was receiving. What she told me changed my perception of the choices I was making in my life at the time.

Anne Van Laningham, St. PaulMinnesota