Enter to Win a Free Readingare the moments in our day-to-day Life when we discover there is no real separation between our inward reality and outer reality.  We come close to this awareness when we attempt – with our conscious, ego mind — to analyze the connections and metaphors imbedded in seeming random events, or when we examine the reflections, projections, and mirrors that others provide for us as a means to see ourselves.

However, Sacred Encounters are undeniable experiences that aren’t ‘created’ from ego-mind as a way to ‘explain’ reality.  Rather, they are numinous cross-over events that glow in our memories and our Being with a life and light of their own.  If you’ve ever wondered:  “What was that about?”  “What was the Universe trying to tell me?”  Or maybe you’ve had a profound experience,  ‘know’ that you were changed, and came away with a clear message or teaching, but have always wondered if there are other ‘pieces to the puzzle’.  Then ask for a Sacred Encounter session with Gabrielle Adele.

Eagle looking at it's reflection in water -- Sacred EncountersBeginning with the Truth that all of our external experiences perfectly mirror the reality of our internal Being, Gabrielle Adele joins with your Soul Group to slip into the stream of your Life.  Using an intuitive (claircognizant) process, she is able to bridge between your Sacred Encounter experience and your Soul Group’s council.  When a random act became a sacred act –   expanding an “ordinary” coincidence into a Kairos moment—a waking encounter occurs that reveals your Soul’s Purpose in daily life.

To begin your journey into the realm of the Sacred, please go to: Book a Session, or Contact if you have additional questions and want to connect with Gabrielle directly.