As an intuitive channel, Gizelle connects with your Guides/Teachers and is able to trace a Soul Connection back to the Akashic Records.   As she focuses inward and waits for the images to appear, you are invited to silently drop your questions or concerns into the stillness, then speak your full name as you give permission to your Soul Group (i.e., guides, teachers, ancestors, and divine beings) to work through her.

This process is best described as a Vision Quest journeyed on the inner plane of your Soul.   The first portion of the session is devoted to receiving and unfolding the Vision – thus transmitting your Guides’ response to your inquiry.  For this reason it is important that you not offer any information, nor ask any questions during the initial download.  (It would be like trying to listen to one person talking in one ear and another in your other ear – you’d definitely miss some things!)

Gizelle will describe the scene being presented, following the images that flow forth – much like a scene from a movie, your Soul Story unfolds.  The imagery is often rooted in the Natural World – landscape, animals and vegetation – selected by your Soul Group to clearly reflect the geography of your mental, emotional, or spiritual state at this point in time.

Your Soul Group uses the interactions within the scene (or the object being described) as a metaphor or analogy to offer a unique perspective or unknown perception of what you are facing.  Sessions are a journey of mutual exploration, often providing unexpected messages  or insights that resonate with personal truths.  The results may fall anywhere between an ‘ah ha’ experience or a much needed confirmation of your own inner knowing.

When it becomes clear that there is a pause in the flow, you will be given an opportunity to ask any questions, either about what has been shared or any concerns that may not have been fully addressed during the reading.