are similar to Intuitive Life Readings.  Past Life Readings can help us to discover what overlays from other Life Journeys are influencing the “here and now”.  Our Soul journeys in a variety of ways, sometimes in multiple dimensions or over multiple lifetimes, to fulfill our deepest desire to grow spiritually, emotionally, and intellectually.

Many people perceive these journeys to be sequential or linear in fashion, but the truth is much more complex.  It would be more accurate to say that we journey simultaneously (as described through the study of Quantum Physics).  As a result we experience overlays from one life experience to another, with lessons that can be felt through our whole Being.

Past Life Readings allow your Soul Group to focus between your current life journey and previous (or alternative) life journeys to discern what life strand (‘story’) speaks most directly to your present situation.  They will share insights that will increase your awareness of choices that will support your emotional and spiritual well-being.

Often we begin work in other lifetimes that we were unable to complete, and those strands weave into our present day seeking resolution and fulfillment.  Discover what blocks you from experiencing peace, self-love, happiness, and personal fulfillment; learn what underlies these blocks and what you are being called to do to clear them.

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