Enter to Win a Free ReadingOffer a discernment of where an individual is on a Soulular level of consciousness, providing insight into your life journey, addressing your emotional and spiritual well-being (such as relationship dynamics, upcoming changes, events, or more subtle energy shifts). Discover what blocks you from experiencing peace, self-love, happiness, and personal fulfillment; learn what underlies these blocks and what you are being called to do to clear them.

Within moments after centering into the quiet stillness, Gizelle Luccio tunes into the energy of your spiritual essence and connects with your Soul Group.  Guidance primarily comes in the form of images offered by your Guides as metaphor to describe your life in the ‘here and now’.   The result expands one’s self-awareness by offering visual, metaphorical, and practical guidance to support you on your journey.

Since Gizelle is able to connect with your Guides/Soul Group and thus access the Akashic Records, distance isn’t a factor.  Remote readings (via the phone or Skype or Zoom or FaceTime) offer the same visual teachings and energetic connection (through Clairsentience) as if you were in the same room!  Once the download of information (from your Guides/Soul Group) is complete, she then encourages individuals to ask questions and to voice their concerns to gain clarity for real-world application.

Intuitive Life Readings allow your Soul Group/Guides to identify specific dynamics or areas of growth they determine would be most helpful for you to be aware of within the next days/months to come.  As a psychic and intuitive channel, Gizelle Luccio is able to read the inner landscape of a person’s Soul, revealing what is captured and relayed to her in that moment by your teachers/guides.  This intuitive process also extends to Past Life Readings and Dreamtime, Sacred Encounters, and Animal Mediumship.

To begin your journey with your Soul Group, please go to: Book a Session, or Contact if you have additional questions and want to connect with Gizelle directly.