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The Language of Dreams has its roots in the collective consciousness of the realm of Spirit.  Weaving together the imagery, archetypes, events, symbolism, and metaphor revealed to you by your Soul Self, Gabrielle Adele uses her intuitive abilities to interpret the visions to support you in your day-to-day life.  Much in the same way that she journeys with your teachers, guides, angels, and ancestors during a conscious Intuitive Life Reading, she is able to access the flow of information offered to you during your slumber.

Begin the process by relaying the dream as you experienced it.  It is helpful to prepare for your Dreamtime session by writing out in detail what occurred; it is important to not color your Soul’s vision with any mental thought or interpretations, simply describe what you recall.  During the session Gabrielle will drop into the inner journey and gradually unfold the underlying message or unconscious revelations.

Unlike using dream interpretations books or applying conventional Jungian archetypes or mythological analysis to obtain a general understanding of your reverie, Dreamtime (dream interpretations) offered through Gabrielle Adele are personal to you.  The characters, story, events, and imagery expressed by your Soul, including the specific language used by your Guides (such as shadings of movement, light, scenery, and emotional tones), all coalesce to provide nuances of meaning that create a far richer opportunity for learning than can be offered by a mere intellectual interpretation.

To begin your journey into Dreamtime, please go to: Book a Session, or Contact if you have additional questions and want to connect with Gabrielle directly.