The Language of Dreams has its roots in what Carl Jung called the “collective consciousness”, but what mystics throughout centuries would describe as the Realm of Spirit.  Weaving together the imagery, archetypes, events, symbolism, and metaphor revealed to you by your Soul Self, Gizelle Luccio uses her intuitive abilities to interpret the visions to support you in your day-to-day life.  Much in the same way that she journey’s with your teachers, guides, angels, and ancestors during a conscious Intuitive Life Reading, she is able to access the flow of information offered to you during your slumber.

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Unlike using dream interpretations books or applying conventional Jungian archetypes or mythological analysis to decode your Dreams or Visions, Dreamtime (dream interpretations) offered through Gizelle Luccio are personal to you.  The characters, story, events, and imagery expressed by your Soul or Higher Self, including the specific language used by your Guides (including shades of movement, light, scenery, and emotional tones), all coalesce to provide nuances of meaning that create a far richer opportunity for learning than can be offered by a mere intellectual interpretation.

You begin the process by relaying the dream as you experienced it.  It is important to prepare for your Dreamtime session in advance by writing out in detail what occurred; be sure to not color your Soul’s vision with any mental thought or interpretations, simply describe what you recall.  Then during our scheduled time together, you’ll be asked to read the narrative – pausing when asked by your Guides, as they disclose segment by segment the underlying message contained in your ‘download’.  You are free to ask clarifying questions once they’ve completed their input for that segment.  Then you’ll be asked to resume sharing your account.

Depending on how long the dream is and how much time you want to devote to exploring we may get to more than one dream during a session (averaging approximately 30 minutes per dream – varying with complexity).

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