Since each person’s Soul Group is specific for that individual, Couple Readings are in fact a collaborative venture!  During a Couple Reading (after a brief individual check-in session for each partner) is the creation of ‘field’ which allows for a co-mingling of energies and awareness between the Guides of each person, resulting in a conversation that Gizelle distills to explore what brought you together and how best get the most out of your experience of being together — travelers along the road of Being human on a Divine journey.

For that reason, it is necessary for both of you to be ‘present’ at the time of the reading – it doesn’t mean that you have to be in my presence (i.e., in the same room as me), however, it does mean that you need to be present with each other (or the three of us are on a Zoom or Skype call together).  Thus permission is given, and attention is offered to receive from both individual’s Guides during the same session.

We will begin by each of you having a minimum of 30 minute reading each, then allowing for an additional 30 minutes (hence the minimum of 90 minutes for a Couple Reading).  Ideally, it works best if each of you are  open to having your partner be present for your personal reading (beginning with one and then switching to the other).  This further reinforces the tacit agreement demonstrating to your respective Soul Groups your openness and willingness for them to collaborate and communicate on your behalf (as partners).

If your individual (brief) reading doesn’t focus specifically on your relationship, or refer to concerns or connections, you may ask questions during the second part of the brief reading about your relationship.  Enter to Win a Free ReadingIn addition, if you give permission in advance, I can ask questions during this period – as guided – for input or observations from your partner that will enrich the process.

To begin your journey into a  Couple Reading, please go to:  Book a Session, or Contact if you have additional questions and want to connect with Gizelle directly