Enter to Win a Free ReadingGizelle’s gifts also include connecting with significant animal companions (including pets) through Animal Communication – primarily Animal Mediumship!  This shouldn’t be surprising given that our ‘furry friends’ are part of our being!

We travel from life-time to life-time in Soul Clusters, connecting and reconnecting with people who support us (and visa versa) in our personal evolution.  Similarly, animals chose to journey with us – but unlike people, they hold pieces of our Soul; so when they leave (sometimes abruptly) we may have difficulty letting go and allowing those pieces to integrate back into our Being.  Animal Mediumship with Gizelle can be useful to discover a collaborative resolution.

Much like people who flow in and out of our lives – some as friends and family, all as teachers on our path — our current (furry) companions may also reflect areas of growth for us (and them).  Animal Mediumship will enable you to connect with beloved companions who have crossed-over.  Through the use of non-verbal communication (e.g., images, sensations, and heart-full messages), they are able to express themselves or identify areas of concern through Gizelle that they want to share with you.

(Note:  Animal Communication may also be possible for pets/companions who are still embodied – but such connection may vary or be limited.  If a successful connection can’t be secured then Gizelle will provide a referral to another gifted animal communicator who works primarily with those still living.)

PREPARATION:  A close-up photo (showing the eyes) of your companion must be provided in order for a connection to be established.  It doesn’t matter if others are in the photo, just that the face and eyes of the animal you want to hear from are clearly visible.

To begin your journey into Animal Communication/Mediumship, please go to:  Book a Session, or Contact if you have additional questions and want to connect with Gizelle directly.